1. Can I return a toy/game I haven’t bought on toymate.in

Unfortunately we can only accept returns from products that have been purchased on www.toymate.in.

2. Do you ship games/toys out of India?

For international orders shipping to be applicable, please do contact us and we shall take you through the process.

3. When will my order be delivered?

Generally the shipment takes between 6 to 7 working days for it to reach you. If there are any delays you can contact us and we would keep you informed on its status.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

Our payment gateway is secured by CC AVENUE. Our policies do not comply with them.

5. How can I modify/cancel my order?

Goods once sold will not be returned against manufacturing defects.

6. Will I get a shipping confirmation?

Yes, you will receive a mail mentioning that your order has been shipped.

7. Will I receive a bill of the toy/game purchased?

Yes, you will receive the bill on your mail.

8. Do you accept cash on delivery (COD)?

No, unfortunately we do not accept cash on delivery for now.